Moose Hunting

PACKAGE 1: Single Hunter
(Fully guided hunt)


Last week of September; Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (Bow and Rifle)


Fully appointed main lodge located in Lakeville, on the outskirts of Moncton, New-Brunswick, Canada. The lodge is Canada Select rated.


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Included in American Plan

  1. Three days hunting and four nights lodging at Lakeville Outfitters' main lodge or in a comfortable trailer directly at the hunting site.
  2. Transportation to and from the hunting areas.
  3. Field Dressing & egress from drop site.
  4. Arranging & transporting animal(s) for any required registration & subsequently to main lodge.
  5. Hearty home cooked meals and box lunches when required.
  6. Experienced guiding services.
  7. A network of strategically located stands & blinds.

Not Included

  1. Moose hunting permits & licenses.
  2. Private land use fees ( if applicable).
  3. Butcher cost. (If using recommended butcher, the meat will be wrapped, frozen & boxed)
  4. Any taxidermist work.

About the Hunt

Lakeville Outfitters' guides are experienced and dependable with impressive success in their hunts. The hunting method used is by calling with a combination of spotting and stalking. Lakeville Outfitters will accommodate your choice of either rifle or bow. Muzzle loaders are also permitted during the rifle hunting season. The areas hunted are prescouted well in advance of the hunting season. Lakeville Outfitters has all of the required equipment which is either in new or excellent condition.

Click here to find out how to apply for a Non-Resident Moose Hunting License.

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