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Specializing in guided hunts for black bear, moose, and white tail deer with over 45 years experience in hunting and fishing this region.


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90% Success Rate over Active Baited Stands

Hunting: Black Bear Hunting: Black Bear Tree Stand Lodge outside view Lodge large window view Hunting Lodge Inside 1 Lodge outside view
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Hunting Lodge: Directions to Oak Mountain Lodge Outfitters

11351 Route 114 (Fundy Park Route)
New Brunswick, Canada
Tel: 1-506-855-4131 (leave message)
or: 1-506-433-5884 (after 5:00PM)

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Oak Mountain Lodge Outfitters
P.O. Box 925, Moncton, NB
Canada, E1C 8N8
Tel: 1-506-855-4131 (leave message)
or: 1-506-433-5884 (after 5:00PM)
E-mail: buckaroo1943@live.com

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