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Black Bear Hunting Host Buckaroo About Oak Mountain Lodge Outfitters - Located at the foot of Oak Montain, in New Brunswick Canada, the Oak Moutain Lodges offer sportsmen the ultimate vacation package

Sportsmen could not find a more perfect place to experience big game hunting and fishing. Furthermore, we find ourselves only minutes away from the world famous Fundy National Park which offers various activities for vacationers.

Our picturesque setting and location enhance your relaxation and enjoyment. You will also find that your host Clarence (Buckaroo) LeBlanc and sons who have over 45 years' experience in hunting and fishing this region are devoted to their profession and their ultimate goal is "providing a hunting experience and vacation that are deserving of future visits from our guests".


Hunting Lodge Location:
Directions to Oak Mountain Lodge Outfitters

Located in South Branch, near Sussex
11351 Route 114 (Fundy Park Route)
New Brunswick, Canada
Tel: 506-855-4131


Once you reach the Maine/New Brunswick border at Houlton, the directions are as follows:
Take Hwy. #2 East (by-pass Woodstock);
Continue on #2 East (by-pass Fredericton);
Past Fredericton take exit 365 to Sussex & Fundy Park;
About 10 miles after take exit 211 - Route 114 -
Now you're approx. 3 miles from Oak Mountain Lodge. - Big White sign on right hand side.
(Route 114 is also the route that takes you to Fundy Park. We are located before the Park).

We are about 2 1/2 hours from the border.
Have a safe journey!

Clarence LeBlanc and valued customer with Black Bear

Valued Customers


There are many customers that come year after year. Jack Douglas is one of those men. Jack is the owner of Douglas Archrey in Galway NY, USA. Each year Jack brings close to 10 people to Oak Mountain Lodge and always leaves satisfied. If you are looking for a reference, you can call Jack at 518-882-9731.

Letter from Rob

To Perth Bible Church, Douglas Archery & Oak Mountain Lodge Outfitters, especially Clarence LeBlanc, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you.

Due to all involved I received a wonderful gift in the form of a hunting trip that I probably never would have able to take. It was truly an awesome experience to have shot at dusk and tracked in the dark a 6'325 lb. Black Bear for 3 hours which crossed a creek 4 times.

Thank you Clarence for your expertise and commitment in tracking so that I would get my game but also that I did not leave a wounded animal in the woods to suffer.

I met a great bunch of guys who went on the trip with Jack; Bob Ellsworth and his brother-in-law Mark, Bob Mink, and Steve Brown, and the guides at the lodge, Clarence, Gary and Marc.

Thanks again to Marc, the guide who helped Clarence on his day off to get my bear 2 miles out of the woods. Bob E who also helped track my bear, Steve who I rode with who went out of his way to help me and Perth Bible Church for their sportsmen's dinner.


Robert Scott
(Hunt - week of May 19, 2002)

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Hunting Lodge: Directions to Oak Mountain Lodge Outfitters

11351 Route 114 (Fundy Park Route)
New Brunswick, Canada
Tel: 1-506-855-4131 (leave message)
or: 1-506-433-5884 (after 5:00PM)

Business & Mailing Address:

Oak Mountain Lodge Outfitters
P.O. Box 925, Moncton, NB
Canada, E1C 8N8
Tel: 1-506-855-4131 (leave message)
or: 1-506-433-5884 (after 5:00PM)
E-mail: info@oakmountainlodgeoutfitters.com

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