Equipment and Clothing

To make your stay pleasant and to keep your focus on the hunt, Buckaroo recommends the following equipment...


Rifle & telescopic sights and/or Bow and Archery equipment

1 hunting knife

1 pair sunglasses

1 sharpening stone or steel

1 small flashlight


lightweight shirts

regular pants


hunting jacket and pants made of fleece wool or Mossy Oak to avoid noise when walking

wool shirts (wool is best for warmth when it's damp)

heavy wool socks and regular socks

hunting gloves

warm hat

camp slippers or gym shoes

rain suit

water repellent hunting boots

Spring hunt: Be prepared for Mosquitoes

Fall hunt: Solid Fluorescent orange vest and hat mandatory.



water-repellent duffel bag

soft gun case or archery case

2 or 3 boxes of ammo
Scope covers, rifle cleaning kit


Personal items:

sleeping bag optional

1 toilet kit & necessities

1 camera / video with film

Medicine, Novels, etc.



* Not recommended during hunting:

Insect repellent or perfumes of any type including scented soaps.


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